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The popular web safari browser download is accessible on iOS and Mac computers. Since its first release in 2003, it has grown to rank among the most used browsers worldwide.

The efficiency and performance of the Safar web browser are some of its best qualities. The software, as well as the hardware features of Apple devices, are fully utilized by Safari. It facilitates the loading of online pages.

Safari’s built-in security and confidentiality protections are an additional feature. Safari has an advanced tracking avoidance feature that aids in user privacy protection. by prohibiting the collection of user data by outside trackers. Other security features of the browser include sandboxing and safeguards against rogue websites.

Safari for Windows

Safari was once available for Windows. but Apple discontinued support for the Windows version of Safari in 2012. This means that Safari is no longer available for download on Windows. and users who want to use Safari must do so on a Mac or iOS device.
The decision to drop support for Safari browser for Windows 7 on Windows was likely due to many factors. including the fact that Safari faced stiff competition. from other popular browsers on the Windows platform. such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Additionally, Safari’s integration with other Apple products and services, such as iCloud. made it a more appealing option for users on Mac and iOS devices. You Can Also Free Download: Mozilla Firefox Portable
While Safari is no longer available for Safari browser free download on Windows. users who want to use a similar browser can try out other popular options like Google Chrome. Mozilla Firefox. or Microsoft Edge. These browsers offer many of the same features and capabilities as Safari. such as speed, security, and a range of built-in tools and services.

Apple Safari overview

Apple’s web browser, Apple Safari, and Safari browser for Windows 10 comes included in the most recent version of macOS. Compared to other browsers, Safari is quicker and uses less energy. Hence, the Safari browser for Windows websites loads faster and your laptop battery lasts longer before needing to be recharged. The privacy protections built-in are more robust than ever. It integrates with iCloud to provide cross-device browsing. It also provides excellent tools for finding and sharing your favorites. All things considered, no other browser provides such a comprehensive web experience.

Users of Macs may Safari browser for Android browse quicker, privately, with fewer interruptions, and for longer periods of time thanks to Safari for Mac’s reduced and simple design. Whenever you install Safari on a Mac. You’ll receive improved defenses against intrusive harmful software. and individualized private browsing choices

when using Safari to Safari browser online browse. Your surfing history list will not contain any information about pages you view in private mode. The Safari browser testing enables longer surfing sessions while using fewer system resources. whereas iCloud enables you to sync your web activities across all of your devices. There is a Safari browser for Windows 11 big library of extensions. to increase productivity and usefulness at work or at home.


How do I install Safari on my Mac?
Make sure your Mac has to have approximately 1 GB of Memory and can run Mac X 10.6. Visit the official Safari page and let the site figure out which setting is appropriate for your Mac.
How to update Safari on Mac?

Navigate to the Mac App Store, choose Update, and make sure “Safari” has the update checkbox selected. On the same page, you may activate automatic updates.

How to reset Safari on Mac? You will need to reset Safari as Apple has removed the one-click reset feature. You will need to:

  • Launch Safari
  • Clear History
  • Clear cache
  • Remove extension
  • Turn off plugins within Safari
  • Delete plugins
  • Your browser will e restored to its factory settings.
Be aware that this process will remove extensions and auto-fill data. Resetting the Safari browser is a lengthy procedure, and it works for iPhones and iPad. If this seems a little tedious, some tools help you to reset browsers with one click.
How to make Safari your default browser on Mac?
  • Launch Safari and click on the menu
  • Select the “Preferences” option.
  • Go to the “General” tab.
  • Select the default browser to use.
  • Close Preferences.
  • Quit Safari.


safari browser download 

Safari Best Features:

See what`s new in Safari:

Unified Smart Search Field. Get everywhere from here.

Both search phrases and website addresses now fit into a single, straightforward box. The application automatically fills in the whole URL when you input a web address, taking you directly to the corresponding web page. It does it in a quicker and more intelligent way.

Tab View. A new point of view.

The overview of your browsing is provided by Tab View. To view all of your open tabs, squeeze. To switch between them, swipe either left or right. Moreover, hit a button to go directly to the webpage. Tab View makes browsing enjoyable and natural thanks to Multi-Touch.

iCloud Tabs. Pick up the web wherever you left off.

The most recent webpages you have open on your Mac are now accessible in the tools on your iPad thanks to iCloud Tabs. iPod touch and iPhone. Hence, you won’t have to look for the internet pages you were viewing while switching between devices. Without any synchronizing, it occurs.

Built-in sharing. Everyone’s in on it.

Now, without leaving the software, you may share whatever you find online as soon as you find it. select the delivery method after clicking the Share button. Use Mail or Messages to share web pages. Add them to Facebook. Links in tweets. even include places and remarks.

Improved performance. It’s power-browsing.

Web pages load more quickly because of the tool’s increased performance. The multiple processing cores in your Mac are used to their full potential by the Nitro JavaScript engine. thus when you browse, you’ll experience fewer delays and stops. It also speeds up rendering by using a novel CSS technique.

Better Privacy.

You are denied privacy. Do Not Track is an upcoming privacy standard that you may enable. Websites are sent when this Privacy pane choice is checked. Visit a page asking people not to monitor you online. When you activate Private Browsing, the app also asks websites not to monitor you.

Technical Details of Apple Safari Setup

Go through the following technical details of the Apple Safari browser. These will be useful while doing the Apple Safari Free Download.

  • Software Full Name and Version: Apple Safari Browser V5.1.7
  • Name Of Setup File: SafariSetup.exe
  • Full Size of Setup: 36.71MB
  • Setup Type: Offline Installer / Full Standalone Setup
  • Compatible With: 32 Bit (x86) / 64 Bit (x64), Mac OS
  • Latest Version Release Date: May 11, 2012
  • License Type: Free Trail
  • Publisher: Apple

Minimum System Requirements for Apple Safari

The smallest system requirements for Apple Safari. vary depending on the version of the browser and the operating system you are using. Here are the smallest system requirements for the latest version of Safari as of March 2023:
For Mac:
  • macOS 10.15 or later
  • At least 4GB of RAM
  • At least 256MB of graphics memory
For iPhone and iPad:
  • iOS 14 or later
It’s worth noting that older versions of Safari may have different system requirements. and some features may not be available on older operating systems.


Safari Free Download

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